There is something magical about our team. Once you’ve joined the employer branding industry, you want to stay for good. Trying to change the world is pretty addictive! #maketheworld abetterplace

Based in Montreal, the team is a perfect blend of creativity, languages, and aspirations. Throughout the years, top employer brand experts have joined our agency, bringing knowledge and know-how across many different industries. Our clients are worldwide, and in order to fully understand their reality, we hire people from diverse backgrounds, so we can connect closely with each and every client.

We are a diverse team who are united by our shared goal: we want the best for our clients and our job seekers. (Oh, and playing pranks on each other! #mischief)

There’s no ‘I’ in our team!

Inspired Digital Strategists. Dedicated Account Managers. Colorful Web Designers. Unstoppable Web Developers. Creative Writers. Insightful Web Analysts. Knowledgeable SEO/SEM experts. Conscientious Project Managers. Each of us is a specialist that you can count on. #wecare #wedeliver #weare

Our starting line-up


Their team of digital experts and strategists provide critical insight, which allows us to make calculated and quick decisions. The passion they bring to every meeting helped bring our employer brand to life.

—The Home Depot—